Thanks to TestRevolution, you can relax - we have a solution for your problems.

If you are a tester or manage an IT department, then you probably know these problems of the test industry:


  • High testing costs - direct reach up to 25% software development. Indirect, e.g. related to test errors, is at least 2x this!

  • No test coverage - so-called "testing gap" more and more code is being produced, we are creating more and more applications that testers are unable to check.

  • The problem with finding automated testers - only a few percent of developers deal with QA and test design. Not every tester also knows all programming languages.

  • Too much test complexity - applications and software are still being improved, and testers cannot keep up with customizing tests that need to be added individually, manually.

What do you gain from TestRevolution?

You save time and reduce costs


Up to 20 times! This is possible thanks to the full automation of testing.

You test 100% applications


Our program learns from errors and adjusts test scenarios itself. Are you afraid that these will be the next "flaky tests"? Nothing could be more wrong! Tests are carried out from a real-user perspective.


You get additional support


TestRevolution tests in all programming languages and relieves testers of tedious, "manual" tasks

You support all tests


Even the most complex ones! The program will automatically adapt to changes in the application

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